Have you seen lsass.exe process written in caps lock in your task manager? This process does not come with the computer when you purchase it. Not many people have this lsass.exe process running in their system, simply because of the type of service it runs. The process is developed through Microsoft, but it is put on your computer after an installation is made on your PC. The lsass.exe process is in charge of making sure that the Windows Live Sign-In Assistant works as it should.

Importance of lsass.exe If you are running Windows Live applications on your computer, it is essential that you have lsass.exe running on your task manager. When you have numerous email ID’s being used on one single computer, the sign-in assistant makes it very easy to manage all the accounts. You may have seen advanced sign-in features for Microsoft products, and this is what makes everything possible. Both lsass.exe and lsassm.exe are essential for Windows Live applications to run. If you disable the process, you will not be able to sign-in, as you will receive an error. Once disabled, the user would receive an error code 800706ba.

But Wait, I'm Not Using Windows Live Messenger?

Even though you don't have Windows Live Messenger, you may still have lsass.exe running on your system. This is because Microsoft uses the same process for all its products. So, if you have Live Sync, Bing Bar, Writer or Messenger Companion; you will need the process to run on your task manager. When you install any Windows Live product, the Sign-in assistant is the first to be installed and configured. In your task manager, if you look under the processes tab, you will see both lsass.exe and lsassm.exe. If you right click on the process name, you will see the option to "Open File Location". When the new window is open, if you place over the file name, it will provide you information on what company created the file.

How to Solve This Problem? If you do not find signs of fake lsass.exe, then you should fix lsass.exe right away. In this case you can try to find a copy of it in C:\windows\system32\dllcache or C:\windows\ServicePackFiles\i386. If you find them, you can copy them to your C:\windows\system32 folder. This will fix the problem.

If you cannot find them you can try to reinstall windows. However installing windows and your hardware are really time consuming. Also lsass.exe error will come back later on to haunt you. You will then have to reinstall windows again...

Fortunately you can fix lsass.exe easily now using registry cleaner program. You can use them to scan your computer for free and see what errors you have in your computer. Nowadays, millions of people use them to automatically clean their PC of errors on a regular basis and also optimize their computer. They are all having an Error free and fast PC.

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Posted by Kalpesh Sorthiya Sunday, October 30, 2011


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